Tempeh dish with lime

“[Hempeh is] the best tempeh I’ve ever had in my life…It changes the way you can use tempeh. That’s why I love it.”
-Chef Jason Sellers, owner of Plant, named a top 20 vegan restaurant in Food and Wine magazine.

“Smiling Hara makes the tastiest soy-based and non-soy tempeh I have ever had.” –Heather Crosby, yum.com founder and author of Yum Universe.

“Not that I’m anti-soy, but it’s nice to get the benefits of tempeh without it sometimes.”-No Meat Athlete

“Wow! We ARE anti-soy so this is awesome! Thanks!” – Lea, mother of four, Willow Park, Texas

“This is the most Asheville thing I have ever seen.” -Bhayes547 on reddit.com

“I had Smiling Hara tempeh on a sandwich at City Bakery in Waynesville today and it was the best tempeh I have ever eaten. So much better than the stuff I’ve been buying at the grocery store here in Waynesville.

Who knew tempeh could be so smooth and creamy? This is a wonderful product. I will be making the trip to Asheville to buy some and stock my freezer.”  ~Helen King

“Absolutely love your tempeh! I’m so glad it is available in our local stores and restaurants.” ~Shelley Townley

“Most delicious tempeh my daughter and I have ever eaten, her dad has a soy allergy so its the only tempeh we buy. Our tummies can’t wait for your comeback!” ~Rachel

“I have always loved your tempeh and will continue to eat it for as long as you guys are selling it! I’ve never eaten tempeh as flavorful as yours- and I’ve eaten a lot of tempeh! Thank you for what you guys do you’re all so awesome!!! Long live Smiling Hara!!”  ~M.G.

“I love Smiling Hara Tempeh! I’m so happy that good folks in Asheville are making this delicious food for us.”  ~Celene Syntax

“Great tempeh from great people!”  ~R. Sheffield

“As a vegetarian that doesn’t really like tofu, Smiling Hara’s tempeh has added some very welcome variety to my diet. I love that it’s made locally, and with so much dedication and care put into its creation. It’s easy to find it at local restaurants, but y’all should pick some up and cook it at home, too: super easy, and just as tasty!”  ~D. Morgan

“The black bean tempeh is seriously the most delicious flavor yet! My 2 1/2 year old devours it! Not only is it nutritious- its delicious. We love you Smiling Hara!”  ~Amanda Mahoney

“Thank you so much for offering a real living food! We all need a little culture these days!”  ~Rosetta Star Buan

“At least once a week, I go to Neo Burrito to get a burrito with beer battered Smiling Hara Tempeh.  I can’t think of anything much better than that!”  ~Alexis Baker

“I just stopped eating meat and went to Luella’s BBQ.  I would usually get the brisket, but being newly veg with no desire to eat meat, I decided to try bbq tempeh for the first time, ever.  It was amazing!!!  My husband actually said he is going to order the tempeh next time we eat there because it was soo good. and he is a big time meat eater.  Thank You.”  ~Joy testimonials cooking light