Smiling Hara

Smiling Hara translates to “Happy Belly”.   The hara is the center chakra or otherwise the stomach, and you shall see upon eating this tempeh regularly that your belly will be a happy one.  The symbol on the buddha’s belly is the japanese symbol for hara.  The plant life surrounding the buddha represents the fresh nutrient dense food that Smiling Hara Hempeh is.  And gosh, isn’t that buddha just the cutest?  Hempeh is a sacred food and it will nourish your body if you let it.  Eat it(and chew) with intention and gratitude!

This highly digestible source of vegan/vegetarian protein is cultured to perfection by our family operated company in Barnardsville, NC.  Rich in fiber, iron and protein, packed with every essential amino acid and heart healthy omegas, and always prepared with GMO free ingredients, our Hempeh has a taste and texture that will bring a smile to your face and belly!