Hempeh for Everyone

In Indonesia, where tempeh originates, Tempeh is the peoples food.  It is a staple in their diets, and for good reason.  It is a complete, cultured super protein, pre-digested and full of minerals, fiber and iron.  The protein in tempeh becomes more digestible as a result of the culturing process. In particular, the oligosaccharides that are associated with gas and indigestion are greatly reduced by the Rhizopus culture. In traditional tempeh making shops, the starter culture often contains beneficial bacteria that produce vitamins such as B12. The culture we add to our beans is a Rhizophus culture which is a fungus spore inoculum.  Here at Smiling Hara, we add hemp seeds to all of our tempeh products, thus…..Hempeh!  By adding hemp, we have created a true cultured super protein, packed full of essential fatty acids and omegas in addition to the 18+ g of digestible protein per serving.  Hempeh is not simply for vegans and vegetarians, but for meat eaters alike.  We are on a mission to bring Hempeh into the national spotlight and appeal to diets of all kinds.  Children love it too.  Hempeh is for EVERYONE!