Delicious broccoli bowl

What is Hempeh?

Hempeh is hemp fortified tempeh.  We take nutrient dense hemp seeds and pair them with GMO-Free Legumes, then culture them. Hempeh is an extremely digestible source of protein available in soy free options, GMO free, and naturally vegan and gluten-free. Hempeh has natural trace minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, iron, fiber, and cleansing qualities. The hemp seeds added are rich with omega 3 and 6 essential fats, making Hempeh a superfood.

How do I cook Hempeh?

Thin slicing and pan frying in a little oil, and then tossing in your favorite sauce(be it BBQ, hot sauce, soy sauce, teriyaki, curry, ect.) is always a good bet and fairly simple.  Our Heat and Eat products are also great when brushed with oil and grilled or baked……so good!

Do I need to steam Smiling Hara products before cooking a second time?

No!  Our Hempeh is very fresh, and it will grill, bake, or fry to perfection without being steamed first.

Isn't all tempeh made with soy?

Negative.  Tempeh can be made with any legume, from peanuts to black eyed peas, the possibilities are endless.  Our current soy-free options are our Raspberry Habanero BBQ Hempeh and our Smoked Salt and Pepper Hempeh Steaks(both peanut based).

Do I need to be home when my Hempeh order arrives?

YES!  It is your responsibility to take the product from the insulated container and get it in the fridge while it is still cool to the touch.  You will be emailed a tracking number after you place your order so that you can make arrangements to be home.  FedEx will drop the order on your porch whether you are there or not.

Does Hempeh have probiotics? Do they live through the cooking process?

Hempeh is a living food before it is cooked.  However, Hempeh is a food that is intended to be cooked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees F for a minimum of 15 seconds.  It is not likely that the probiotics withstand these temperatures, however the protein has been pre-digested in the culturing process, making it very easy for the stomach to digest.

Where does the name Smiling Hara come from?

Smiling Hara translates to “Happy Belly”.   The hara is the center chakra or otherwise the stomach, and you shall see upon eating this tempeh regularly that your belly will be a happy one.  The symbol on the happy buddha’s belly is the japanese symbol for hara.

Are Smiling Hara's products Gluten Free?

All Smiling Hara products are naturally gluten free.  We perform random finished product testing for gluten to ensure this.  We are not a certified gluten free facility, and if you are highly sensitive, please be cautious.

Where can I find the nutritional information for Smiling Hara products?

The nutritional facts are located on the Products page of our website.