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 SOY FREE Black Eyed Pea 8 oz.


Smiling Hara specializes in not only traditional soy tempeh, but also other cultured beans such as Black Beans and Black-eyed Peas(these varieties are SOY-FREE!)


The process by which tempeh is made from these beans is similar to that of soy beans as well as the nutritional benefits.  We use only Organic, GMO-free, USA-Grown beans.


All soybean waste material is composted on our small farm.


All of our products are naturally GLUTEN-FREE and VEGAN. 

Please note that we operate in a facility that produces wheat, soy, dairy, corn, nuts, and shellfish.


We use only 3 ingredients: Beans, a Rhizopus culture, and Lactic acid.





Traditional Soy 8 oz.




SOY FREE Black Bean 8 oz.



RETAIL: Our retail packages are all FROZEN 8 oz. blocks, and are available in the Traditional Soy, Black Bean, and Black Eyed Pea varieties.




FOODSERVICE:  Our Foodservice packages come in 1.5 lb FROZEN blocks, and come 7 packages to a case, totaling 10.5 lbs per case.



Please email us and we will be happy to send you our current pricesheet.





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