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Smiling Hara Tempeh - Products SOY FREE Tempeh
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 SOY FREE Black Eyed Pea 8 oz.


Smiling Hara specializes in not only traditional soy tempeh, but also other cultured beans such as Black Beans and Black-eyed Peas(these varieties are SOY-FREE!)


The process by which tempeh is made from these beans is similar to that of soy beans as well as the nutritional benefits.  We use only the highest quality, GMO-free beans and seeds to make our tempeh and hempeh products.

All bean waste material is composted on our small farm.


All of our products are naturally GLUTEN-FREE and VEGAN. 

Please note that we operate in a facility that produces wheat, soy, dairy, corn, nuts, and shellfish.


We use only 3 ingredients: Beans, a Rhizopus culture, and Lactic acid.





Traditional Soy 8 oz.




SOY FREE Black Bean 8 oz.



FRESH FROZEN(above): Our retail packages are all FROZEN 8 oz. blocks, and are available in the Traditional Soy, Black Bean, and Black Eyed Pea varieties.

HEAT AND EAT(below): Pre-seasoned, packaged in a vacuum sealed bag, ready to heat and eat. These products have a 90 day shelf life in the fridge and are available to grocers and the foodservice industry throughout the South.


 Soy-Free Smoked Salt + Pepper Peanut Hempeh 6oz.

Made with GMO-free, USA Grown Peanuts, and Organic Hemp Seeds.  We dry rub this product by hand with Local Organic Smoked Salt from Celtic Sea Salt, and Organic Black Pepper.


Sweet Miso Ginger Tempeh Strips 8oz.

Made with Smiling Hara Soy Tempeh, Org Tamari, Local Org Miso Master Miso, Org Lime Juice, Org Ginger Juice, and Org Cane Sugar.


FOODSERVICE:  Our Foodservice Soy packages come in 1.5 lb FROZEN blocks, and come 7 packages to a case, totaling 10.5 lbs per case.



Please email us and we will be happy to send you our current pricesheet.





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