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We are thrilled to offer Smiling Hara Tempeh and Hempeh for sale ONLINE!  We ship Nationwide.  We offer two pre-seasoned online products, our Miso Ginger Tempeh Strips and our Smoked Salt and Pepper Peanut Hempeh! (Soy-free option….made with peanuts and hemp seeds!).  Please visit our recipe blog for some great ideas on what to do with your new favorite tempeh brand.  You can also find our Fresh Frozen Tempeh (plain, not seasoned) in Health Food Stores throughout the Southeast.  These are NOT for sale online as they must remain frozen.  Both soy and soy-free options are available in the freezer and vegan set. Find your local store offering our products here.

Please visit the Store Policies page before placing your orders. Enjoy!! May all your bellies be happy ones!