Happy Belly 4-Pack


Make your four-pack out of our Tempeh & Hempeh!   Order Smiling Hara Tempeh and Hempeh Online, shipped nationwide.

Miso Ginger Tempeh Strips:  Pre-cut and Pre-marinated, Heat and Eat Tempeh Strips.  8oz.  Refrigerated.  Gluten Free. GMO Free. Allergens: Soy

Smoked Salt and Pepper Peanut Hempeh:  Dry Rubbed Hempeh “Steaks”.  Brush with oil and pan-fry, grill or bake.  6oz.  Refrigerated.  Soy Free.  Gluten Free.  GMO Free.  Allergens: Peanuts



Miso Ginger Tempeh Strips

We took our staple product, the Traditional Soy, sliced it in thin, perfectly sized strips, and added a bright and umami filled marinade using local Miso Master as a key ingredient. All ingredients are certified Organic, and prepared in house by hand, the way good food should! Use in stir frys, tacos, on sandwiches, atop salads, no matter what you do it is sure to please and highly convenient. Prepare to fall in love! Best cooked with a little oil. Keep refrigerated and use within 3 days of opening package. 17 grams of protein per 4 oz serving!    Naturally Gluten Free.  GMO Free.

Smoked Salt and Pepper Peanut Hempeh

This is the very first Hempeh on the market. If you have never had Peanut Tempeh before, then you certainly have never had hemp fortified Peanut HEMPEH, and your mind will soon be blown! We have taken the artisan and locally crafted Smoked Celtic Sea Salt along with Organic Black Pepper, and dry rubbed these Hempeh “steaks” to smoky perfection. Simply pan-fry, grill or bake with a little oil and Enjoy! Keep refrigerated and use within 3 days of opening package. 22 grams of protein per 3oz. serving! Naturally Gluten Free.  Soy Free.  GMO Free.  

Miso Master OrganicCeltic Sea Salt

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Weight 2 lbs

Combo, Smoked Salt and Pepper Peanut Hempeh, Sweet Miso Ginger Tempeh Strips


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